Humble Beginnings

Here is where it all began.
Before venturing to Australia; Su could barely crack an egg without spilling it all over the counter.
She preservered through the hard times.... not knowing where this fun little baking habit of hers might take her.
This is a little snippet of her failures and unforgettable learning experiences she gained from the little kitchen of her rented apartment. They will be cherished forever.

Experiences and travels about Australia:
..and it begins.
No-cook Impromptu picnic
British Defender Adventure Sail
Cooking lunch with a Korean family
Diwali 2006
Family trip; to Cairns
Good Food + Wine Show 06'
Greek Easter 07'
Malaysia Fest 2006! MERDEKA
Mardi Gras 07'
Melbourne 03/07'
Melbourne weekend 2006
Relay For Life (Cancer Council)
Short Trip to Newcastle; NSW
SKi-trip: The Lodge@SmigginsHoles
Voicing my thoughts: Global Warming
Farewell to Sydney (picnic)

Student Friendly Recipes and Meal Ideas:
"Baigun Bhaja" (Bengali fried eggplant)
"Breakfast" Nuggets
3 minute CHeese Sauce
4 pie toppers
Asparagus in breaded parmesan crumbs
Aubergine and Ricotta
Battered Asparagus
Chic in a blanket
Lettuce -Chinese style
Polenta chips
"pizza rice-curry pie"
Sang choi pau / tandoori chicken marinade
Japanese Fried rice
Parmesan bread sticks
Cheese-ey Twists
Chicken Katsu-don
Chicken Kiev(grilled version)
Chicken Wrapped in Prosciutto
Dukkah Crusted Grilled Chicken
Eggplant+balsamic vinegar pasta
Fire-eater spices; by Zest
Greek Lamb marinade
Ham and Onion muffins
Homemade aioli
Hush Puppies (Creole cuisine-polenta)
Indian Spiced Potato Poories
Meat Loaf
Mom's quick Chicken Pie
Nem nuong (Vietnamese ground rice patties)
Noodle-y prawns *giggle*
One pot stew for one (chorizo+butternut p.)
Pan-fried Salmon
Popcorn snack+Indian Spices
Pork Chops+fruit salsa
Pork gyoza's
Potato soup
Prawn and Pumpkin Risotto
Quick Naan bread replica
Salt&pepper __?_
Spaghetti + Meatballs
Spanish Paella
Spiced Rice
Squid Ink Pasta
Stuffed tomatoes with parmesan crust
SUper-Duper Sandwich
Vietnamese Rolls

Food Compilations:
Compilation of Ideas #1
Compilation of Ideas #2

Daeji Bulgogi (Korean marinated pork)
Ddeokbokki(Korean Rice sticks)
Instant Ramen with a twist
Jap-Chae (Korean potato noodles)
Korean Pa-Jeon (Seafood Pancake)
Spicy Korean Seasoned Calamari + Sweet and sour tofu
Tempura prawns
NakJi Bo Kum(Spicy Korean Octopus)
Teriyaki Sauce

Breakfast foods:
Poached eggs
Cherry+Coconut Pufftarts
Almond Meal Peach Strudel
Mango Crepes
Peanutbutter+caramelized Banana
Almond+White Chocolate Pancakes
Apple and Date squares
Aussie Bread Rolls
Berry Pancakes
Bread and butter pudding
Breakfast Cookies
Coffee+Malt Drink
Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Kaiserschmarrn-Austrian Pancakes
Kiwi Jam
Peach + Spice Strudel
Layered Crepes
Polenta Muffins
Sausage Meat pies
Savoury Bread Pudding
Spicy Herbed Mushrooms
Bunny Scones
Ricotta Pancakes

Feeling confident in the kitchen?:
Braided pizza (video)
Chili Jam
Chinese Dumplings
Garlic+Herb Gnocchi
Greek(Zucchini pie+Pastitso+Salad)
Grilled Lamb Chops
Moroccon meat cigars
Onion Jam
Ricotta gnocchi
Roast Chicken -3 ways
Roast Chicken- "How To"
Russian Pelmeni
Spring rolls
Ukrainian Vareniki (Video)
Zhong (Glutinous rice dumplings)

Staying Healthy:
5 day diet
5 day diet: Day 1
5 day diet: Day 2
5 day diet: Day 3 (snacks)
5 day diet: Day 4
5 day diet: Day 5(The Verdict)
Potato+rocket salad
Asparagus Spears
Berry-swirl frozen yogurt
Chick Pea salad (mustard dressing)
SpicyTuna RicePaperRolls
Sweet+Sour veg stir-fry combo
Vege(lentil) burger

Learning to Love Pastry+All things decadent:
"The Flanders" Hot chocolate
Apple+Maple Syrup Cake
Apple+sultanas+white chocolate
Armenian Nutmeg cake
Avocado IceCream + Mocha Syrup
Banana Toffee 'pies'?
Banana+Coffee Sandwich cake
Basic Chocolate Cake
Blueberry Frangipane tart
Blueberry+White Choc souffle
Butterscotch cheesecake
Milk Chocolate Cheesecake
Berry Tarts
My very first 'Cake'
Berry compote
Caramel+Hazelnut Cheesecake
Cheater's Ice cream Cake
Chocolate cake in a bowl
Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie
Chocolate Cheesecake Slices
Chocolate liquor Fudge
Chocolate souffle
Coffee Walnut Strusel Cakes
Colourful Chocolate Truffles
Custard apple tarts
Custard Cherry Tarts in a Jiff
Date Xmas puddings
Freeform Cheesecake+ choc fudge
Jelly donuts
Messy Souffle cheesecake
Muhallebili Baklava
No-bake Orange Cheesecake (gel swirls)
Nutty Cookie bars
Pear+Walnut Spice Cake
Pineapple Fritters
Pineapple tartlets
Portuguese egg tarts
Red bean Mochi
Red Velvet Cake
Semolina pudding
Spiral pastry Tart cases
Steamed jam+peach puddings
Strawberries + CHocolate Meringue
Strawberry cheesecake + meringue?
Tia Maria+Strawberry tartlets
Tim-Tam Charlotte
Tiramisu (1st attempt)
Tiramisu (2nd attempt)
Triple Berry Bombe ALaska

Cold treats:
"Thermodynamics" Ice-cream(video)
Chocolate Ice cream
Red bean icecream
Mango Ice-cream

Cupcakes galore~:
Easter Bunny cupcakes
Chocolate+peanut butter cupcakes
"Instant" Coffee Cupcakes
"Man" enough? Beer cupcakes!
Apple pie cupcakes
Berry Bloomer Cupcakes
Berry CHeese"cup"-cake tier
Birthday cupcake display
Birthday Cupcake display for a 6 year old. (100)
Bittersweet chocolate cupcakes
Blueberry Beso's
Bulls Eye cupcakes
Chinese New Year Cupcakes
Chinese Take-out Cupcakes??
Chocolate cupcake recipe
Citrus Almond Mini Cakes
Cupcake Tier; Choc B-flies+Golden Flowers
Dad's Favourite 'Lava' Cupcake (video)
Fennel+Cinnamon Cupcakes
Honeycomb cupcakes
Hot-Choc and M.Mallows
Hummingbird cupcakes (recipe)
Ivory, glitter and pink Vintage Clothing Cupcakes
Mango Cupcakes (Video)
Melt and Mix Banana Muffins
Mini Party cakes
Mini quick fruit cakes
Orange Cupcakes
Panda Cupcakes
Peaches+Cream Bundt Cupcakes
Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes
Penguin's in a CUPcake
Pink Fairy Cupcakes
Pretty in Pink "dragonflys+flowers"
Red Velvet 'Classic'Cupcakes
Sticky Date Cupcakes
Tiara cupcakes
White Russian Cheese'cup'cakes(video)
WorldCup Fever Cupcakes

F.A.C.E. Cakes:
B-Boy "FACE"-cakes
"FACE"-cakes ;)
"Face"-cakes; doggies, boobs and more
Multicultural "FACE"-cakes

I love Cookies!:
4-in-1 Oatmeal cookies
ANZAC cookies
B.I.G cookies
Farm animal cookies
Easter Shortbread cookies
Colourful cookies
Crunchy Chocolate Chip cookies
Fortune Cookies (video)
Fruity Tropical cookies
Jumbo cornflake cookies
Marshmallow + Oatmeal cookies
Peanut Butter Centers
Peanut butter cookies
Peanut butter+Orange Cookies
Playing with COokie Cutters
Russian Pryaniki
Walnut cookies

Toying with the Idea of Sculpted cakes and the Discovery of Fondant:
Pandas on Rhubarb upside down cake
Easter Bunny cake
"Cheese" Cake
"Under The Sea"
21st Red Velvet Cake (Vanity Set)
A Sushi Train
Adorable Big Mac baby
Alison's 21st Mini Cake
Animal Print + 'Bling'
Anime Character in bed ;)
B-Boy Cake
B-Boy Red on Beat St.
Baked Ricotta+CreamCheese cake
Ballers cap
Blue sneakers
Burlesque and Gangsters
Bollywood Princess
Cartoon boobs + Pretty Lingerie
Bunnies in Love~
Chocolate almond tort+fresh berries
Chocolate Sandwich Crumble
Chocolate strawberry cheesecake
Construction student+cricket+beer fan
Cute Cartoon Monkey double tier cake
Dad on Kledang Hill
Dad's Couch
Dalmation Puppy
Dj couch
Double Pink, White and Gold
Piped Engagement cake
Fairy Princess Toadstool Castle
Fruit Sponge Cake
Garden of sweets
Generous rabbits
Girl-in-bath brownie stack
Girly; Exuberant and Colourful
Gone Fishing
Graduation Bear
Hello Kitty in Pink
Japanese Doll+ Character 'Kon'
Japanese Man's Face+Ramen Bowl
KinKi Kids
Me + Camera + Cuppycake
Miniature Korean Drinking table
Mountain full of berries
Music Lover's 21st Birthday Cake
My CHocoholic girlfriend
naughty BooB Cake
Penguins and sunflowers??
Personalized Remote Control
Playing the Piano
Poker Monkey?
Poker Player's *BLinG~
Pretty 21st balloon
Pretty Chocolate box+Strawberries
Pretty floral posey(recipe chocolate+cream layers)
Pretty Piano themed cake
Race-car cake
Rugby Fan's 21st
Stack of Pink Presents
Super Mario Cake
Sushi anyone?
Teddy's on a Dome
Violet Retro-Mini Cooper Cake
Wonderpets Flyboat

Parties and Business ventures:
Tim-Tam Truffles(video)
Tim-Tam Truffle bouquets for sale
MFest06 White Coffee Stall Round-up
Artem's Farewell dinner
Catering at a 21st birthday Picnic
Dinner Party-2/7/2006
Engagement Truffle giveaways
HighTea @ the Tea Centre (Pitt St. Mall)
House party 29/04/2006
Pasar Malam @ UNSW 07; cupcake stall~
Toga Party 2006
Ying's 21st birthday

Happy 1st Bday 2 my Blog
Su turns 21.
Su turns 22.
Fathers day 06
Mothers day o6
Farewell Artem
Kylie and Dave's engagement

Blog Competitions:
Why Cake is Perfect for Every Celebratory Experience
"Why Cake is Perfect..." - Winners